Phuket Real Estate Agency
Utmost quality of service
With Professionallly staff


Pentacles Ten is a real estate agency located in the Phuket region that is dedicated to providing clients with the utmost quality of service. We house a team of full-time and professionally trained staff who are creative, innovative and attentive to our investors’ personal satisfaction.
Our benefits extend to accommodate our clients with all the necessary services, skills and systems to maintain each property to the highest standard for future investment opportunities and to attain the maximum profit yield.
With Pentacles Ten we take into consideration that each individual’s needs are significant to others, which is why we endeavour to build a long-term mutual relationship and understanding with our investors. Therefore, we have implemented supporting services to aid our clients in maintaining their assets.
We are rated as one of the top real estate agencies in Phuket whereby our main focus is on the Thai market, with further advancements of expanding into the Chinese market. Our aim is to assess the needs of our clientele and provide the right developments that will either match or exceed their expectations. Furthermore, if our clients wish to retain their developments for future investments, then we can provide opportunities for our clients to achieve 7-10% investment yield.


Pentacles Ten has a wide range of services to cater to our clientele’s every needs. These services include the following:

Project sales and management

From beginning to end, Pentacles Ten manages properties and projects as the sole agent. In-depth market and product research will be conducted so that the best advice on pricing strategy, marketing plans, goals and property sales can be provided.

Rental Management

For clients who are looking to attain maximum possible profit through renting, Pentacles Ten provides an array of services to cover every area such as listing the property, maintenance, cleaning and full concierge services. Regular property and tenant reports will be provided including required repairs, purchases for new furniture and utility payments.

Investment Consultancy

Pentacles Ten can provide consultancy services in situations where clients are interested in land investments. Thorough research will be conducted to aid clients in choosing the most suitable land for specific projects. Comprehensive review on land related documents; assistance with regulations and support throughout the whole purchase process will be incorporated into our services.

Property Resale Services

Like our previous consultancy services, Pentacles Ten can also provide advice on property sales and support for the duration of the process. From listing the property to viewings by potential buyers, including all of the in between services such as legal document transfers and owner's transfer.